April 13, 2009

IX: The Hermit.

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An old hermit walked around the village day and night, carrying a lantern with him.  Even in the brightest of days, when the hot Sun beat down upon his back, he kept the lantern lit, keeping his eyes peeled, looking for something which he may never find.

Everyone knows the Hermit.  They see him, with his ragged cloak and torn sandals, walking stick in one hand and lantern in the other.  But the Hermit knows no one in the village – his companions are his lantern and the dogs which follow him on his rounds, always hoping for scraps of food which he may drop.

The Hermit doesn’t drop a lot of food, because he carries so little of it on him.

One day, the Hermit came across two young men at their sport.  The Hermit, carrying his lantern, approached them and asked: What is friendship?  And the taller one replied: friendship is an equal, reciprocal love which exists between two people.  The Hermit said then: Very good, and posed the same question to the shorter of the two men.  The taller one interjected, saying, We have already told You what You asked, so begone!  And the shorter friend looked relieved.  The Hermit picked up his lantern and left, saying: why did You not tell me what You meant by friendship?  Now You are in Your friend’s debt, because he spoke up for You.  You are not friends anymore.

Then, the Hermit went to see the village chief, the richest man in town, probably because he paid himself with taxes and a royalty he received from the city.  And the Hermit asked: Is serving the village more important or serving Yourself more important?  And the village chief replied: of course serving the village is more important.  The Hermit replied: Yet You do not see the poor, and decide to surroud Yourself with bodyguards, the police, and Your riches.  Pray tell, why do You do that, if You put the village before Yourself?  Picking up his lantern, he left.

Then the Hermit came across a man who said that the true philosopher should be one who remains silent in the face of adversity.  Agreeing, the Hermit proceeded to insult the man by calling his mother a harlot, himself a good-for-nothing, and his friends for drunks and vagrants.  All these, however, were met by silence.  Then the man said: do You believe now that I am a philosopher?  And the Hermit replied: You would have remained one, had You kept Your mouth shut.  And he went on his way.

Sometimes, the Hermit sees his reflection in a mirror or in a pool of cool, still water.  The Hermit puts down his lantern, looks, then picks up his lantern and walks on.

One day, the village fool asked the Hermit: Why do You carry a lantern with You all day?  And the Hermit replied: I am searching for an honest man.


November 3, 2007


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November is grey. The brilliant colours of summer have gone and faded, and the sky has lost its azure colour. The Sun seeks refuge behind the clouds, fearing that the cold would smother her life-giving warmth.

November is also a month of transition. That summery girl you knew in summer has lost her sunshine, and you wonder if it’s gone forever. People wear more layers of clothes, as the warmth of summer gives way almost reluctantly to the cold of winter. A troubling fog descends upon the city, blurring everything which was once crystal-clear to see. The birds sing less than before, and everything is quiet.

The silence is so deafening it drives some to seek out company – the bars are still full at night, and the university is noisier than ever. The clamour drowns out the silence, although she is always there. Others find solace in the silence and enjoy her company, for Silence is Golden. In her embrace, one can finally talk to oneself, finally hearing the inner voice which is never heard in the company of others, in spite of what this voice has to say and to offer.

And so you listen, attentively. This voice does not speak in words – it’s a form of communication which is so personal that only you would understand it.

November is the herald of winter – it comes, and in a blink of an eye, it’s gone. But November is faithful, and you know for sure when he will come knocking on your door again, perhaps on a cold midnight, holding a small bag and asking for candy, or perhaps as an old, wizened man, apologising for the cold which is about to come. Or perhaps you may never see November. But don’t worry – November understands.

July 1, 2007

VIII: Justice.

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Justice is a woman with green eyes which are so piercing that one feels her gaze penetrating into your soul.

Justice holds a sword upright in her right arm. The hilt and pommel of the sword are studded with jewels, mostly deep, blood-red rubies cut into the shape of a heart. The cutting edge of the sword is honed to a sharpness which can tear through lies and punish the guilty.

In her left arm, Justice holds a set of scales which are balanced. However, in one of these bowls sat my heart. And in the other sat hers. So while Justice may not care, i did.

And then she spoke. ‘I don’t see us being together.’

So saying, she inverted her sword and touched my heart gently. And before my disbelieving eyes, the tissue and muscle began to crystallise and take on a gleam which only the most precious gemstones have. The pink tissue turned a deeper hue of red, gaining transparency and a crystalline brilliance – a fire which began to flare deep in the bowels of the gemstone, pulsating and beating, lending her face a soft, reddish glow.

Gently, she picked up the gemstone and pressed it into the hilt of her sword. The stone sunk in as though she were pressing it into warm butter. And then she spoke gently, with a sad smile: ‘learn what you really want, and if you love again, the fire in this gemstone will begin to fade away into nothingness. Learn what you really want.’

She’s right. She is Justice.

April 3, 2007

The Only Ones.

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sweet the hands that laid me to the ground
sweet the voice that makes the sweetest of sounds
and i won’t go down – i won’t go down on my knees
there’s just you and me – we are the only ones

it’s a brand new day, we’ll take it as it comes
there’s nothing left to say, ‘caz it’s all been said and done
and if the lights go out we will be the burning Sun
there’s just you and me – we are the only ones

i’ve heard of love that, inside you it makes you strong
in your arms is where i, i feel i belong
and it’s only if you want it, i’ll be gone
there’s just you and me – we are the only ones

there’s just you and me – hold on tight
we’ll make it through the night
just you and me, we are the only ones…

and if the lights go out we’ll be the burning Sun
and in the darkest of nights, we’ll be the only ones
and if we hold on tight, we’ll make it through the night
there’s just you and me – we are the only ones.

October 10, 2006


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you can tell by the way she smiles, and says that she’s my girl
you can tell by the way her words, they move my world
you can tell by the hope, the light burning in her eyes
that she’s my dear, my supergirl…

and you can tell by the way, she comes to my rescue
when i’m lost, in another part of the world
and how i bask in her light and warmth –
how the Sun turns her hair into a soft, hazel-gold

and she says, it’s okay – i got lost on the way
but i’m a supergirl…and supergirls don’t cry
and she says, it’s all right, i got home late last night
but i’m a supergirl…i’ll make everything all right

and i fall, i fall hard – she comes to me with a smile
because she’s my supergirl, and supergirls don’t cry
and i shout it out loud – all my fears in a howl
i’m shouting for my supergirl – she’ll make it all right

i’m afraid one day she’ll scream, in my face
she’ll tell me to leave, leave this place
because she’s no supergirl…and sometimes i make her cry

and those pearls, which are her tears
roll down her cheeks, betraying her fears
i’m sorry, supergirl…

October 7, 2006

My Heaven

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I have this childhood vision I keep inside me
I’ve told to nobody else but
I’m gonna share it with
Coz it’s warped to keep it all to myself.

I could tell you I don’t want you
That I want to throw you away but
You know it’s a lie
You see the truth in my eyes.

You are my heaven
You are my secret dream come true.
Making heaven a reality,
you’ve turned my world around.

Just like the warmth the sunshine brings
after the rain,
I’m giving thanks to the One who made
You’re the answer to every one of my prayers.

You’re the star I waited to fall from
Who moved me with what you’ve got within.

And in the stillness of the night
I realize..
You’re more than a fantasy.

My heaven, are you.

October 3, 2006


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He fell because of his pride, and is proud of it – in fact, if you asked him, he’d probably tell you that he was fuelled by it. His drive, and his very passion – the want to do well, so that he will be looked upon with pride. So that he can deign not to do something, rather than be coerced into it.

He talks to you about the ego, although he remains bound by many things. He claims to be Lucifer, the Fallen Angel, with many other superflous titles: Lord of Lies, Ruler of Hell, and so on, and so forth. But what’s in a name?

He’s probably just your average guy-next-door, maybe even that all-too-annoying insurance salesman, or perhaps the university student, working hard on projects, and fussing over textbooks. He could be in the bus. He could be in the MRT (but he’s no terrorist – evil works in subtle ways.) He could be driving a Mercedes E 200. He could be the guy next to you on the bench in the gym.

Just look out for him. Oh yes, this version of the Devil speaks Mandarin.

He may found the next cult of salvation. Will you follow his footsteps?

His name is Kelvin, but call him Lucifer, thank you very much. You can find him at SMU, studying Accountancy. Don’t cross him. He won’t kick your ass, but he’ll summon up some of his minions to anyway. Unholy retribution, so to speak…


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When i first saw you, you were probably most like me, because of our unusual height…or should i say tallness? Anyway, you were 1.85 metres tall, making you the tallest in the class. Perhaps that made it easier for me to approach you. Either way, somehow we clicked and look where we are now.

I will always remember you, me, and the Lucifer wannabe sitting in the NJC library, arguing over Chem S questions. And how i always managed to take over the conversation, thank you very much. HAHAHAHAHA…you know, it was kinda cool when you told me that you told Ronald that we were probably bestest buds…YEAH.

How long ago was that? I think 4 years.

In between, so much has happened. You know, the Ong&Ong saga, the Army, and then now. You’re in SMU juggling 2 majors and soon i’ll be going to Germany, juggling 1 major, 2 minors and a new life. It’s a chance to start anew, and to live a brand new life. I hope i’ll be able to make the best of it.

Also, i’d really like to say a huge THANK YOU for all the help and support you’ve given me. All the advice and the words of wisdom (you must be centuries old, maybe like 200.3587102 years.) And most importantly, thank you for introducing to me the most wonderful girl i have ever met.

By the time you read this, it will probably be sometime on 27th September, 2006. I’ll probably be miles away, somewhere in the airplane en route to Frankfurt. No matter. I believe we will go a long way. And well.

Ohne Dich ging es nicht.

I’ll speak to you in French when…i learn how to. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA seriously i can’t speak French to save myself. You know, it’s really good that out of my close friends, you actually decided to go ahead, to overcome the deep-seated insecurities one always faces when one begins the study of a foreign language, and to just go ahead and do it. Rock my socks man. My turn soon. Latin and French, here i come…wait.

Trier, here i come…ahhh, no.

The Future, and The New Life…HERE WE COME!

Just For You.

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life is hard, life is strange, life doesn’t have a rehearsal
but you stepped onto my stage; you joined me in my carousel
but Fate threw us a wicked curve
that very night, at the airport, as i stepped into the gate…

and my heart – it broke, it broke for us, it broke for you
my tears, they flowed so, because of us, just for you
and now my soul is screaming – i’m alone, i need you
and i’m sitting alone, it’s raining – i don’t dare to say it,
but i miss you.

September 6, 2006

Picture of You (Being 19 Always)

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There’s a picture of you, somewhere deep in my mind. It’s an ever-changing picture, but one thing never changes: it’ll be there. Always.

What’s in the picture?

You, 19 years old, kissing the sky.
You, 19 years old, being painted by a caveman on the walls of an unknown cave.
You, 19 years old, burning in the heart of a star.
You, 19 years old, standing before the Deutsche Dom in Berlin.
You, 19 years old, behind the wheel of a fast car.
You, 19 years old, on the cover of a fashion magazine.
You, 19 years old, standing next to me when i’m 90 years old.
You, 19 years old, hard at work in a science laborotary.
You, 19 years old, smiling.
You, 19 years old, with wings, and a blinding white aura.
You, 19 years old, with emerald-green eyes.
You, 19 years old, walking on the Moon.
You, 19 years old, poetry in motion as you dance, twirl, and spin.
You, 19 years old, healing with a kiss and kind words.

You, 19 years old, always.

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